Sensing into Autmn: Venus Retrograde, Full Moon in Taurus and Shadow Work

IMG_9562The leaves are falling, the flowers are sleeping in their seeds, and we are turning inwards again on the wheel of the year. I flew to Geneva again for some seasonal work, leaving behind the golden mountains of home, and jetlag has given me some strange productive hours. There are many things I want to share, for the first time in a while, and I will try to weave them all together here.

Yesterday the Sun moved into Scorpio, shining light on our darker places, the obsessions we’d rather not have and the pain we would rather bury sometimes. But I’ve been there for a while; Venus has been retrograde for a few weeks and she’s been bringing me events from the past to survey, times when I didn’t feel good enough or loved enough. Tonight, at the Full Moon in Taurus, Venus will cross paths with the sun, forming one of the points of her star shaped movement through the sky and reflecting back to us the beauty of our wounds. I’ve been working with my shadow for a while now, since she first went retrograde at the beginning of October, and this time around she’s brought to me an even deeper compassion for my darker places. A gentle place to start exploring the shadow is through the book by Robert Johnson, a Jungian thinker and analyst, Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche (1991). He explains what the shadow is in a reassuring way, from the perspective of its Jungian source; we all have one, it’s okay, we can represent it for ourselves in concrete ways in the material world and rise above it’s tendency to bite us back when we are least expecting it. I didn’t begin with a gentle exploration of the shadow though; I jumped right in a few years ago with a practice I learned from Carolyn Elliot, in her course INFLUENCE, which she has coined Existential Kink, EK for short. This practice basically entails allowing your body to find its ecstasy through the fulfillment of desires it usually refuses, in a completely safe way and on its own terms. It’s based on the premise that having is a sign of wanting and it turns around our tendency to feel like the victims of our lives. Allowing the body to relax into and enjoy the painful events of the past is liberating in a way that is hard to explain – you have to try it! It’s probably best to hear Carolyn herself talk about it:

I think she’s writing a book about it, so hopefully more people will have access to this powerfully transformative way of dealing with trauma. The practice has felt especially healing for me lately, so this Venus retrograde in Scorpio period that I was apprehensive about has actually been extremely liberating. I feel more free and accepting of the past then I ever have before, which is helping me be less troubled by the troubling events of our present, if that makes sense. There is a breath in, a breath out, and a real reaping of my introspective work, which has often been heavy and daunting, lasting for days if not for months sometimes. Phew. Shadow work pays off.

On the plane over I read another Robert Johnson book, Inner Gold: Understanding Psychological Projection (2008). This short book was also very healing, and I learned again the importance of recognizing when we are putting our gold into someone else’s lap, and the need to be conscious about drawing our soul light back, standing in our own light when we can, and not blindly giving our power away because we don’t want to or are unable to hold it. In the sky, in the dark, I held my light in my lap and cried, one step closer to accepting myself and my life’s learning journey. I wrote this poem a few months ago, but it expresses this current calling back to myself of my desires:

So I’m calling all my desires back to myself,
Every one wanted and then refused.
Every cell, blood red, that went out to gather
Vampire-like, ill-used, I call back to myself.
Every body touched and hurt
in darkness, every sun that shown
on my desired one, every wish fulfilled or spurned
every one, I call back to myself, as one.

I think it’s a spell. I suppose I cast it back then, and now, here I am living it. I’m grateful, a step closer to feeling my wholeness, which I sometimes forget is there.

The sensuousness of these experiences are brought to you thanks to this Full Moon in Taurus, where she shines ample and worthy, embodied earthiness. See if you can feel into any of the discomfort she might illuminate. It might appear in the form of frustration, anger or animosity towards yourself or others. She is conjunct Uranus at the moment too, so our feelings may feel especially electric, new, or charged. As you sound them, see if you can use this energy to shine a light in the darkness and bring a playfulness to your story, however challenging it may be.

Enjoy her healing light tonight! Some lunar wisdom I’ve enjoyed reading that moves in the same direction as this and might bring you even more healing introspection are:

Sabrina Monarch, at Monarch Astrology
Mystic Mama, at
and Anandashree Astrology, for a soothing Vedic take

If you want more of my writing on the shadow journey, as Persephone’s choice, read

A prose piece of mine, “Origins”, which is largely the product of my own work with shadow and myth, was just published in Dark Mountain: Issue 14, TERRA,

I’ll be writing more as the flowers are sleeping! I’m looking forward to sharing. Keep connecting! Our sparks in the dark.




3 thoughts on “Sensing into Autmn: Venus Retrograde, Full Moon in Taurus and Shadow Work”

  1. Just read your piece in Dark Mountain Project – Terra; found it fascinating how it flowed and wandered and came home again. Thank you for your work and I’m happy to have found you.

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